defining hushbeats: silence the noise

I love the meaning of the name, hushbeats.

silence the noise
silence the noise

The concept is based on something I learned in the recording studio.  Most people trying to record vocals or live instruments have issues with ‘creating quiet’ on recordings .  There’s so many sounds around you that you probably don’t pay attention to such as; a car driving by, refrigerator hum, computer fans, ticking clocks & nearby noises that you wouldn’t notice until you turn on a microphone and start recording.  One time, I was at my home studio trying to lay down background vocals on the day the lawn guys came to do the yard. I might as well had been sitting on the lawn mower with the mic in my hand!

I tried to build a soundproof enclosures to eliminate noise. It took a lot of time, money & work and in the end, I was frustrated because I never achieve complete silence. I reached “the moment” – a place past believing anything will actually work but I gotta try anyway – and discovered how to manipulate the signal to noise ratio (that minimal sound interference can be masked by or even used as an effect for the intended sound depending upon the noise level).  So in a nutshell, I made music (beats) that would create the illusion of silencing the noise (hush).

Life principle: don’t let minor interferences distract you, take everything you’ve got & make it work for you.

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  1. So your saying that even silence is an illusion. There’s always something to hear if we bother to listen. Deep.

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