the formula

I’d like to define success in my own terms.  I believe this is one of the best formulas:

know – discover – desire – aspire – plan – do – learn – criticize – qualify – persist

1. know: take inventory of what is already acquired (know, learned or mastered)

2. discover: establish the existence of something different than what is known

3. desire: measure the will to know, learn or master that discovered thing

4. aspire: create a belief & vision (goal) for acquiring the discovered thing proportionate to the desire level

5. plan: create action steps to acquire the goal

6. do: execute the plan

7. learn: take inventory of  knowledge acquired from the experience of doing

8. criticize: compare what was known at the start with what was learned

9. qualify: determine if the proximity to the goal is defined as a success or failure

10. persist: repeat until desire is satisfied

There are a lot of details to this formula that I will explore in the near future.

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