Tanisha’s Law School Graduation

I like photography: I’m such a visual being that I have to enjoy taking photos. I really enjoy editing & I love to contribute to the presentation of things. Its cool to see how people respond.

Tanisha’s graduation was an inspiring event. To graduate with a law degree is an amazing task that has truly inspired me. I’m very proud of her commitment and glad to be a part of it.

Tanisha’s Graduation Party

I love Family: It’s really cool when you connect with people that are close to you in relation but maybe not so close in daily life. I had an opportunity get together with my family this past weekend to celebrate my niece, Tanisha’s, graduation from law school (awesome!) I’m so proud of her & it’s been amazing watching her grow up into a beautiful woman – now, powerful too!

It was great seeing everybody and meeting a few people as well.