If a tree falls in the forest..

I love producing: I found myself producing a college radio show for about a year and we gave away prizes from time to time. We never had anyone call in that we didn’t already know or that we didn’t ask to call in {like my wife – thanks sweetie.} I knew of other shows on the station that had an active audience and the phones would ring during their shows but not ours.

Did we have a lame show or hosts? Was it the prizes? Maybe wrong time slot or lack of marketing? These questions needed answers but the first thing I needed to know was, why are we here? What were we trying to accomplish?

Being at the radio station with the equipment and knowing that you are really on the air had some appeal to it and we all want to feel important but it made me think, if we could confirm that no one was listening, would we pretend someone was listening so we can justify doing it or would we just do it because it was a good fun experience?

All of this runs thru my brain as I am setting up my first blog and wondering, will anyone read this or is it my self-sharing therapy? Will I be writing to interact with other’s thoughts of what I’m writing or just to express myself? I guess the chance of inspiring someone and/or being inspired {by myself or someone else} is the main compelling factor for me. That’s my tree falling in the forest hoping to make a sound.